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Welcome to Pro-PC-Customs, we believe everyone should own a Desktop PC, whether you rich or poor. Our goal is to assist the average Joe to custom build his/her own desktop PC. In this day and age it has come imperative to join the digital age.

As we become more and more tech savvy everyone will need a PC. If you looking to have your Dream Desktop PC build by us, you have come to the right place.

Tell us your budget and specifications, and we'll provide you with a Free No Obligation Quote. We provide a host of other services, such as the Cloning of your current Operating System from your old HDD to a brand new SSD, upgrading your old HDD to a brand new SSD, upgrading your old Operating System to a newer version for instance Windows 10. The general upgrading of your PC e.g. upgrading your HDD/SSD, RAM, CPU, GPU and PSU. For more information please click on Services.

We have different products available, which range from an entry level PC (Ideal for home/Office Use) to an Extreme Gaming PC, that's ideal for the Die Hard Gaming Enthusiast. For more information please click on Products.
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